Fifth Label & Thigh Highs

:: White Shirt - Primark ::
:: Baker Boy Hat & Coat - H&M ::

Is the tailoring and neat shapes getting repetitive yet ? I hope not because I am rolling with it. Lets just appreciate this dress - in the thickest most beautiful quilted fabric and with just the right amount of kick in the hem , it is the perfect accomplice for my leather thigh highs. Dream.

China Blue Shoes

These shoes & this coat though. Seriously. Having a real masculine crush at the moment. This mesh dress underneath is as feminine as I can go. Then a bit of fluff was added to really cause some confusion.


Monogram Discs

:: High Split Maxi Top - H&M ::
:: Leather Trousers - Missguided ::

Layers of black that get stolen by the wind & pull you along the street in a confusing whirl of fabrics. Continuing to wear this necklace every day. Less mushy than most love tokens, the simple initials within never-ending circles are perfect for a simple message to the world. Plus it literally goes with every outfit.


Metallic Heels

 :: Oversized Coat - H&M ::
:: Longline White Shirt - Primark ::
:: Cross Necklace - Vintage ::

Feeling drawn to the crispness of a white shirt and the masculine feel of this coat lately. It is power dressing but paired with the usual un-kept mane and rolled up denim it feels just on the right side of casual. The fact that this coat was only £24.99 will continue to baffle and amaze me. I feel like I need a battered old briefcase or a feathered fedora to really get the full throwback Wall Street feel.
The unexpected flash of metallic on these boots only adds to the power theme. A strong finish to a classic boot. What is ever more unexpected is the fact that these are from John Lewis & part of their new Collection for AW14.


ASOS Leathers

If the English winter wasnt evident enough by the red & brown leaves smothering the streets or the sign of the palest of chilled skin, then the fur outing will really hammer it home. I think I prefer these dunagrees as more of a casual look as I wore them here , but the oppportunity to mix leather and fur was one not to be missed.


The Fifth Label

There is a very small window of opportunity this time of year, for outwear and bare legs. No silhoutte makes me happier than the sight of  a huge overview coat with some pale pins poking out. Making the most of the bold shapes with this amazing block shirt dress from incredible Aussie brand The Fifth Label - now available on ASOS and in the UK. They showcase silhouttes like no other.


Hair Rings

:: Mohair Knit - Primark ::

The confusing weather churns out confusing outfits. Knits & shorts. However, it is okay because wearing punk-ass hair rings and piling on my new favourite rocks makes this rather more pleasing.
Oh and some perfect navy Winter boots & lilac Fedora - just to break up all the black.

p.s I'm exhausted. Life is crazy & sleep is rare. Emails are piling up & I have become a social recluse. If you need me I will be in bed.