Anna Lou London Monogram

When the guys at Anna Lou asked me to become an ambassador, there was no way I could turn it down. The designs are bold, proud and very British with type-faces, simplistic shapes and metals used throughout. This necklace has a very old-English feel with a sense of purpose and power. Worn with my almost-but-not-quite a nightie dress from Zara & brought down to earth with the New Balance. This is the sort of outfit that you can just be yourself in. Drowning in fabrics and touches of true luxury.


Hard Rock Cafe Tshirt

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:: Fedora - Primark ::

A while ago the guys at Hard Rock asked me to style up one of their tee's my own way. 

When I think of a piece of Hard Rock merch, I think of music rock royalty - Debbie Harry, The Rolling Stones, KISS, Nivarna. 
I think of how much I love visiting Hard Rock's all over the world just to wander around and read the walls littered with precious moments stolen from history , from Steve Tyler's suits, Elvis's Harley Davidson, Jimi Hendrix's leather jacket & sketches by Yoko Ono.

On our last two holidays, myself & Andy have ended up inside a Hard Rock - first in Hollywood & then in the Canary Islands. We sat for hours and listened to some of the incredible music we grew up to ( Papa Roach or Pearl Jame anyone ? ) and stuffed ourselves silly. 
So when the guys contacted me I felt really proud to wear one of their tshirts. 
I imagine one of the old rockers mixing this tee with leather and converse so I decided to do the same. Let's face it - we all wish we were a little more Rock & Roll.

Also, lets take a moment to enjoy these leather dungaress from the ASOS Sale. £17 - worth of pure trend-led beauty.


NYC Baseball

:: Joggers & Fedora - Primark ::

Being struck down at the sunset of Summer with a deadly flu is ironic. The irony, however was lost on me as I was too ill to even give a damn. After a week of being bed-ridden, actually having to take a 'sick day' ( I didn't even know how to take one of these ) & some weird cravings of whole cucumbers & apple pastries - I am back . 
It seems that my job or styling and dressing models is incredibly hard to do when you don't wish to infect them.
Attempting to branch out more into the foreign world of trousers - these Primark beauts not only fit perfectly but are actually high waisted enough that my belly-button doesn't have to come face-to-face with the world. No-one is ready for that.
Being ill has really cemented my love for comfort - so expect lots of slouchy shapes and contrasting silhouettes on the way over the coming weeks.


Ask SaraLuxe

I have never done a 'proper' Q&A. However, after getting tweets, emails and Facebook messages here and there asking everything from the norm to the unusual, I thought it was about time I answered anything you ever may have wondered.
It may be about the obvious or the ridiculous. I dont do this often so now is your chance. I always enjoy checking out you guys on Twitter or your blogs, or having some banter back and forth.

Leave any questions below or ask me on Twitter using the hastag #AskSaraLuxe
Let's have a chat. 
Happy Sunday.

Sara x


Reverse Jumpsuit

:: Belt - H&M ::

The best type of black is when it is layered on top of other shades of black. Falling into a black hole never felt so good.



:: UNIF I Dont Trust Me Either Tank - eBay 3.83 here ::
:: DIY Ripped Jeans - Primark ::

Winter in August. It seems that anything is possible in the UK. The only silver lining is that I get to bring out these brogues again - a glare of metallic that brightens the grey surroundings.

As you read this I will be making my way to London to work on the AW14 collection of Nicole X MISSGUIDED. If you never checked out the SS14 Collection I suggest you do so here .


Evil Twin Net

:: Hat - Primark ::

This is my pathway to Winter in a tunic. Simplistic, oversized, unfinished and with a fishnet back to really throw a chill onto your spine.