Reverse Jumpsuit

:: Belt - H&M ::

The best type of black is when it is layered on top of other shades of black. Falling into a black hole never felt so good.



:: UNIF I Dont Trust Me Either Tank - eBay 3.83 here ::
:: DIY Ripped Jeans - Primark ::

Winter in August. It seems that anything is possible in the UK. The only silver lining is that I get to bring out these brogues again - a glare of metallic that brightens the grey surroundings.

As you read this I will be making my way to London to work on the AW14 collection of Nicole X MISSGUIDED. If you never checked out the SS14 Collection I suggest you do so here .


Evil Twin Net

:: Hat - Primark ::

This is my pathway to Winter in a tunic. Simplistic, oversized, unfinished and with a fishnet back to really throw a chill onto your spine.


Sequins & Dungarees

:: Sequin Sweatshirt - Missguided ::
:: Distressed Denim Dungarees & Hat - Primark ::
:: Rings - c/o LoveHeartsandCrosses :: 

For any event, especially a 'Summer Social', most people's style advice would include or simply be to state "jeans & a nice top". 
I don't feel that I own anything nice. I certainly don't own any nice jeans.

This 'jeans and nice top' combo are the closest thing that I could get for the Summer Social. 
Note the sequin/casual mix rearing it's head yet again. It has become my saviour in allowing me to feel like I have still made an effort even though I wore oversized dungarees to a work function. 
Casual Glam Slam. 


Primark Beads

::Beaded Jacket, Jeans ( DIY ), Vest , Necklace & Hat - Primark::
:: Boots - Office :: 

This outfit reminds me of a Erin Wasson/Sienna Miller in the 00's mash-up. Although I can only but dream about baring even the slighest resemblence. I must have been subconciously slowly buying into an ideal. Or maybe it just my love of mixing embellished pieces with my casuals again. Either way it got me through the day. 


Palm Scuba

:: Hat & Footwear - Primark ::

Basic lines, good quality fabrics and simplistic design. In this muggy weather, it is perfection.


Urban Outfitters for Him

Andy wears:

Because real men dont just buy flowers, they wear them.