Solace Anna Jumpsuit

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:: Basic White T-shirt - Primark ::
:: Arm Cuff - H&M ::

A hybrid between a martial arts uniform & office wear, but with much more leg room and some serious cleavage if worn alone - this bad boy is my latest obsession.


Monki Trousers

The silky culottes were originally grabbed for my Barcelona trip & continue my obsession for anything PJ related as daywear. These are your more sensual night attire I'm sure, but there is something very pleasant about the feeling of silk around your legs & a breeze on your ankles. Well hello British Summertime.
I went for an all navy look , a shade that I am warming to in my bid to wear less black as the days become lighter & the skies bluer. Paired with this forgotten gem of a coat - a trench with detachable leather collar & arms - that is too nice to wear day to day, but gets cast aside in favour of leather for evenings.


Deena & Ozzy

A while ago Urban Outfitters sent me a few new items to bring my wardrobe into Spring. You will have spotted them creeping into outfits the past few weeks, but these three items have been my dream - not only as a threesome but separately. 
This dress has the most beautiful clean aesthetic, it is shapeless yet interesting & could not be more perfect for a transition into, what will hopefully be, a warmer few months. Dream on Sara - have you seen that damn rain ?!
The boots have pretty much been worn non stop , with leather trousers, dresses & double denim, they look expensive - possibly the most beautiful boot I have ever owned - check out that silver toe detail and weep. They are the kind of boots that I would pin on pinterest & then complain I didn't own.

I will always go back to Urban Outfitters & long time readers will know this, the prices are creeping up but the pieces are always the perfect fit for me, oversized, easy to wear and timeless - I even shed my usual layers for a bikini last Summer ( flashback here ) . In other news, I am off home this weekend to attend a wedding of a long time friend - I will Instagram my outfit which does consist of a floor length backless gown *gasp* ( thank you H&M Conscious) , and some snakey accessories. No-one said being a woman was easy. 


Win Les Delices de Nina

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The absolute babes at Nina Ricci sent me this incredible gift to thank me for attending the event in the post below, but because they really are gems - they gave an extra hamper for me to give away to you hotties.

The hamper is filled with a Nina Ricci scent, sweets, Essie Nail Polishes, Marshmallows, Glitter & more so its a real treat, either for yourself or another lady in your life !

Whilst at the event, I basically had to drag Andy away from playing the Nina Ricci Candy game - and that is how you can win this bad boy !

To Enter:

Just download the Les Delices de Nina game from the app store here , play away ( its like Candy Crush but sweeter ) & then screenshot your high score.
Tweet it to me at @Sara_Luxe with the hashtag #LesDelicesdeNina.
The highest score by the 28th May will get this hamper of goodness.

Good Luck !

Thankyou to Nina Ricci for inviting me, to Megan ( fellow stylist & fringe fanatic ) & Kat ( fellow Manchester resident ) for chatting with me & to Andy for attending quite possibly the most girly thing I have ever taken him to.


Les Delices De Nina

 photo IMG_4173_zpsanywexfz.jpg photo IMG_4344_zpsqiosfwhe.jpg photo IMG_4276_zpsueilqxzx.jpg photo IMG_4180_zpseyggqhry.jpg photo IMG_4268_zpsctk4es6u.jpg photo IMG_4366_zps9uyhwrqx.jpg photo IMG_4279_zpsgr3so3oe.jpg photo IMG_4197_zpskvlygljc.jpg photo IMG_4339_zpshpxl4obf.jpg photo IMG_4241_zpsfp0sadfn.jpg :: Denim Shirt - Sample Sale ::
:: White Backless Cullotte Jumpsuit - Sample Sale ::

You may have noticed a lack of events of this blog. When I first started out at SaraLuxe I would often post of travels & launches and what-not & then life happened. And brands forgot that many of us work during the week & simply cannot be swanning off here & there.
So when Nina Ricci got in touch & asked me to head to the Trafford Centre last weekend to visit their Candy House it seemed rude not to.

Nina Ricci has long been on my radar - my sister is a big fan. Ironic as she would never be seen in pink. Or white. Or anything feminine for that matter. But as a family we loves sweets, sugary treats & anything that smells or tastes as such - enter Nina Ricci Les Delices De Nina. It is sweet, but I love Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb so I am already a fan of sweeter notes. It smells like strawberry candy but not as sickly, with gardenia, white musk & a touch of praline. It reminds me of Summer.

I headed down in this all white ensemble . I wanted to channel my inner Nina model, but instead of perfectly glossy, pouting and pretty in prom, they got oversized distressed denim, leather, unkempt hair & a culotte jumpsuit. But I wore pink lipstick ( H&M lip tint - they are incredible ! ). I actually embraced being in all white for a change - the cuffs, leather & layers added interest & broke up the blank canvas. I got my nails done ( very very rare for me - being a Stylist they roughly last 20mins before peeling off in a models shoe ) , sampled some of the new scent & made some sherbet.  For a very un-girly girl it was actually refreshing to enter this Candy House & get pampered for a bit. It is something I never do !

I feel like Willy Wonker in these photos amongst the candy canes- but I am missing a fabulous hat, and that is why he will always have that edge over me.

I will be giving away a hamper of Nina Ricci goodies to celebrate the launch of this new nose-tingler so keep checking back. It will be worth it! In the mean time, check out more from the campaign here .

This post is sponsored by Nina Ricci but all views are my own - I feel very strongly about that people !


Silvan Heach Power

Grid on grid with clean lines is pure power. With Charlie's Angel worthy trousers like this, an outfit gains real strength. Add some sharp lines down the leg & you add inches.
Hello power pants - I will love you forever.


Urban Renewel

:: Lurex Socks - eBay ::

 Clothing that has the word 'sleep' in the description should be manditory on every week day.  Especially when wearing socks with sandals has become mildly acceptable and you are basically roaming the streets in your pj's.
 This dress is big enough for two, & by two, I mean me and some left over Easter Eggs.

Whilst I have you, I have recently got back into the ole snapchat. Snapping what I get up to daily, my fav hair & beauty bits and random crap - so be sure to find me on @saraluxe for that cocktail of entertainment !


Superga Silvers

:: DIY Distressed Tee - Primark ::

When you want to look cool in your leather overall's but then the English weather weirdly creeps up to 20 degrees and your legs start sticking to the inside of your trousers. Shit happens. This is the post I promised you all before I went all MIA with issues, tissues and a last minute trip to Barcelona ( check out my Instagram here for some snaps )  . Barcelona is the coolest city, seriously. Weird bars with Barbie's head stuck on the entrance, heels attached to the ceiling, seats made of our half pipes & so much street art that I was in my element. Jealous to all you lot living over there . We walked 31,0000 steps one day ( thankyou iPhone pedometer ) & I have never been more thankful for a comfortable shoe!

Speaking of hoof-wear, check out these metallic beasts! They just add a kick to any blah blah black outfit which I usually need.