Sequinned Pair

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Thankyou to Topshop for my perfect NYE look . It saves borrowing some poor guys brogues & tuxedo jacket at the end of a long night of dancing, when you try desperately to hail a taxi in the rain with a half eaten McDonalds in your paws. Bring your own. Who needs a man? 
Check out their Dress Hub here. 

Happy New Year you raging hotties - where are you spending it ? 



Some details of late. 'Baggy' is the Christmas carb-fest saviour & this tote has become a welcome assistant in lugging clothing from one place to another when house hopping over the festive period. 


Boy Shorts

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Instagram has become a much more viable way for me to snap outfits whilst on the move. Hence why this space has become so baron. Although posting shots taken for Insta here is often thought of as a cop-out, it is my space here so fuck it. 
Here are some details of late:


TOPMAN - Who Wore It Better ?

Myself & Andy were challenged by Topman to style up a pair of their jeans each in a mini-style off.

Ever since the days of Uni when skinny jeans hit with such ferocity , I became familiar with men shopping in the Topshop denim section to get the skinniest of the skinny fits. It became quite normal.
I, too , was no stranger to grabbing a vest from Topman ( hello drop arm-hole ) , or a piece of jewellery or two (the pieces always seemed more raw and rustic that the shiny Topshop pieces) - so why I have never thought of buying some jeans from there, I don't know.

Any-ho . I styled mine up all 70's tailoring. Think Alison Mosshart on her way to jury service. A longline blouse with cheeky deep V, a classic long neck scarf & the standard fur. Because now I have these bad boys, a bog-standard clutch bag seems just that. Bog-standard.

p.s my camera cannot deal with all black - which is ironic as its pretty much all I can deal with.

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Andy channeled his best 'Sheffield boy moved to Manchester' vibe with a polo, check lined Fred Perry parka & some woven kicks. A privately educated Liam Gallagher to my Allison Mosshart.

So who styled their denims best ?

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