I have become a bit of a blogging enigma. Work and social life has collided so much lately that posting has been a last priority. I have so many outfit posts to share though. I have developed a love for structured layers of late, and then a totally random and contrasting need for baseball tops. Justified by the fact that I have been styling a lot of them at work over the last few weeks and have been brainwashed of sorts.
Also, a purchase of some new trainers was rationalised by my doctor after a quite bad ankle injury a few weeks ago - so I have pretty much been wearing nothing but my New Balance 410's. I have been loving the editorials popping up lately ( such as in the ASOS magazine ) , where crisp tailoring has been balanced out with trainers and so this has pretty much been my style genre for the last few painful weeks - every cloud and all that.
Anyway, another break in blogging is about to commence as I fly off to the lights of NYC for some serious exploring, shopping and eating copious amounts of tea & cake in all of the quaint little places I have spotted on Pinterest. My packing has just come to an end and comprises of only monochrome. Layers of it. With my trustly comfortable trainers. 

 photo as_zpse9214fb6.jpg


All White

Breaking the mould. If only for a day. Clean, crisp and ready for the season ahead.


Coco Made Me Do It

:: Jeans - DIY ripped from Primark ::
Obsessed with monochrome and building up to a break into colour for the warmer months - the black & white palette getting stronger with each passing day. Also, another appearance for the Choies blazer which is pretty much a second skin due to it's ability to transform even the most casual and cba outfit into a mildly passable work-ready look. The love of the jacket makes me fear for the days when it is too warm to wear it - my upper arm's are in for a bloody shock.


Nicole x Missguided

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the shots taken at the end of January to have been an anomaly from the usual posts on there . I'm talking palm tree's, blue skies and the obligatory out-of-plane-window shot. We were off to L.A. To shoot Nicole Scherzinger.
I should stop there to mention ( for any new readers) that I am the stylist at Missguided & today the Nicole x Missguided collection launched - a 30 piece collection designed by Nicole. I am incredibly proud of this project & of all the guys who worked on it. Very rare does a team inspire and motivate each other as much as the guys I work with do. It mind blowing to think that only a month ago we were there in Los Angeles shooting this and now it is here, on our TV screens.

Iconic. Explosive. The best start to 2014. 



Prom Life

 photo IMG_9830.jpg  photo IMG_9840.jpg photo IMG_9826.jpg photo IMG_9831.jpg photo IMG_9859.jpg photo IMG_9827.jpg photo IMG_9838.jpg


Just Spoiled Brat

:: Boots - Dr Martens ::

A dress that simply cannot wait until Summer. Perfect oversized fit to allow for a healthy dose of Fish n Chips, a back that requires no explanation when you spend most of your day walking away from people and a punctured design that paves the grey area between mesh and fishnet material. I love that the cut out design means that you can introduce other strappy back tops underneath it, in a casual manner . Then the white leather jacket breaks up the look - I am a monochrome magnet right now !


Each to their Own

:: Turtleneck Top - Topshop ::

In love with the general vibe of this sporty, oversized, relaxed outfit. The vest was given a weather appropriate update by layering a turtleneck underneath it, but the boots and bare legs broke up the simple lines. Note the increase in the amount of white creeping into my day to day looks - yes, I am feeling particularly crazy of late.

Speaking of crazy, I finally got someone who knows HTML on board & SARALUXE now looks a lot more pleasing on the eye. Monochrome as can be expected. I am really happy with the outcome and after much deliberation about getting help, I am so glad I did. Even though I had pretty much no idea how to describe what I wanted, the guys at pipdig understood my incoherent ramblings and drafted up this simple, clear and structured design. What do you think ?


Balenciaga Cracked

This thick poly-blend crop which mirror's the incredible design of the Balenciaga cracked leather tops on the AW13 catwalks is one of those pieces of clothing that almost seems engineered for a function much more extreme than to simply just wear it. Kind of like an Iron Man suit. I half expect to have suddenly gained incredible strength or the power to jump over buildings when wearing it. The only way to describe the texture of this material is like having a few hundred large sponges taped to your torso - but in the most chic of ways naturally. 



 photo IMG_6048_zpsb854ddcd.jpg photo IMG_6054_zpsa779bb74.jpg photo IMG_6052_zps7d675595.jpg photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsa79541cf.jpg photo IMG_6058_zps8c68755f.jpg

:: Choker - DIY ::

If you could fit Sports, 70's, 90's, Tailoring & a bit of leg into an outfit I guess this would be it. The weather dictates that multiple layers must be worn pretty much daily, but every so often the rain will break and allow a flicker of Spring to hedge it's way in.

The appearance of the gym bag was due to my trip into the elements being purely for an athletic motive - going to the gym. Keeping true to my roots, and love of all things British-made ( long standing readers may know of my love for Dr Martens, British Independents, English Subcultures and, well, scones ) -  this gym bag, aptly name 'JimBag' ( clever sods ) is designed, manufactured and sold in Great Britain. Mary Portas would be proud. The reason I wanted to feature the bag that many a blogger would shy away from snapping in an outfit post, was simply because the design of this bag stops it from being pigeonholed as 'just a throw-away gymbag' - it's cool, wellmade and monochrome. Happy Days.
Oh, and the first people in the world to rock something from this brand was Beyonce and little Ivy. Another Manc brand doing us proud.


Front Row Shop

 photo IMG_5977_zps935c34f4.jpg  photo IMG_5996_zps9cc5cf46.jpg photo IMG_5998_zps51390d77.jpg photo IMG_6035_zps416822de.jpg photo IMG_6010_zps85c57260.jpg photo IMG_6000_zps91db8f0c.jpg photo IMG_5993_zps01fbde03.jpg

:: Silver Brogues - c/o Dr Martens. Similar here  ::

I did say that this coat was my current means of coping with the English Winter. My last post showed it in all of it's stripped glory and sans sleeves - today I was feeling particularly fancy and so decided to work the leather paneling. This will never be a regret. I love everything about this; the clean lines, structured and heavy leather bust section, the navy and black trickery and the stiffest collar I have ever come across. The cold is not a problem in this bad boy. I don't even care that my skin is now basically transparent due to the lack of sunshine - blue seems to be my colour.