Monki Monki

 photo IMG_3534_zpsvttsy6hi.jpg  photo IMG_3521_zpsrfwxmsuq.jpg  photo IMG_3551_zpss2samqkx.jpg  photo IMG_3541_zpsdb0gflno.jpg  photo IMG_3543_zpsah7airgx.jpg  photo IMG_3537_zpsqfe9a9i1.jpg  photo IMG_3558_zpsq96pqvhj.jpg  photo IMG_3523_zps7aufsjg3.jpg  photo IMG_3528_zpsftp50adf.jpg
A few new favourites all in one go - and proof that Sale shopping really can pay off. This Monki dress was only 17.50 on ASOS and fits like a dream. The perfectly slouchy silhouette with a formal streak and a deep V neckline. Then come these caged heels - only 13.00 from New Look and when they look a hell of a lot more expensive you know you are onto a winner. 
Add some unkempt hair, a furry side kick and a men's Daniel Wellington and they may just be the cutest look - undone formality at its best.


Adidas Originals

 photo IMG_3467_zps7kvkptw8.jpg photo IMG_3456_zpsie7y8tgg.jpg photo IMG_3486_zpscibxlzs1.jpg photo IMG_3489_zps5uzwe1bh.jpg photo IMG_3483_zpsovar8ypf.jpg photo IMG_3445_zpswhksxqf4.jpg

The fine folk over in the Adidas Originals dept are dining daily on steak at the moment surely - what with the old logo's having a comeback. Back in the day I was all about Ellesse with a real kick of Adidas popper pants. My Mam wouldn't allow me to move into Kappa territory, and looking back, rightly so. 
However, after seeing a stampede of Stan Smith's where-ever I wander, I decided to kick off in some Puma's. Because now I can afford all those 90's sports names I so coveted when I was a penniless 15 year old. Pairing this combo with this delicate lace slip from Free People. It will be perfectly lightweight and all Bohemian for in the Summer months but for now it adds a little bit of delicate raunch to an outfit.
Yes,  'delicate raunch' is the new black.


Motel Rocks Stella

:: Motel Rocks Stella Shirt Dress - c/o Motel ::
:: Zip Biker Leather Trousers - Zara ::
:: Leopard Print Heels - Missguided ::
:: Daniel Wellington Sheffield Watch - c/o Daniel Wellington ::
:: Studded Leather Satchel - c/o Dr Martens ::

It has taken me a while to bust out these leathers due to the fact that they are low rise. And surely I cannot be alone in finding myself in cave man wonder at how one can get through the day without a waistband that sits neatly and comfortably under the bust. That is squatting out of the question without a rather unattractive 'hitch up' afterwards.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend - we made a duvet den in the bedroom & ate too much food whilst watching too much bad TV. Its what Valentines day is about - avoiding overly priced restaurants, not bounding yourself in bodycon & lying in crumbs. 



After 4 years of being the only Stylist at Missguided, you can grow nostalgic. The first TV advert, the first time the steamer burned your legs, the first time you realised that models are actual human beings & the first time you stayed awake all night worrying and working on a last minute shoot.
Which is why I wanted to share the latest ridiculously hot project we have worked on - Missguided Active - our first gymwear range.
It is not everyday that you get to spend 16 hours locked away in a studio with 2 raging hotties, lycra & baby oil - but let me tell you - its a real treat. Going to the gym or buying clothes to give the illusion that I do has never been top of my list, but the offering actually rocks, putting the outfits together was a lot more creative & cool than I initially thought and I am really proud with how the styling turned out - sick , not sucky. 
What an awesome team !
Let me know what you think - this is the 'Banned- too sexy for TV' edit, because well, if you are going to do it, you might as well do it right.

Enjoy !


Skort Suit

:: Turtleneck - Topshop ::
:: New Balance - Schuh ::
:: Leather Bag - Urban Outfitters ::

Its the new year and its brassic outside. Although it bloody roasting when you are running around at work so my wardrobe is very confusing. Hello red knees. This look is a mix of 'extra from the latest Bruno Mars track ' & pure laziness. Which reminds me - how cool is that video ? I don't know what is it but I want to be a part of it !

For the next 12 days I am undertaking a 12 days of fitness challenge set by DW Fitness - as they clearly think I am capable of dragging my sorry ass to gym after work for the foreseeable. If you guys are interested in the review of this gym ( or the people & TV selection equipment in it ) then let me know - its a big chain that is supposed to have amazing reviews so fingers crossed I gain more from it than some new moves to Queen B's new song ( yes, I will be attempting the classes ).


New Years Eve Outfit #UONIGHTOWLS

 photo IMG_3244_zps19713bc6.jpg photo IMG_3266_zpsf72fdb4b.jpg photo IMG_3254_zps7222947f.jpg photo IMG_3239_zps69fbba89.jpg photo IMG_3263_zpsfc0d3f0b.jpg photo IMG_3270_zps22bd3165.jpg photo IMG_3234_zps5561c3be.jpg  
::Grey Fedora - Primark:: 

Without a doubt this is my favourite outfit of the moment, and there is no better way to end the year than in something that glides over them turkey & chocolate curves. 
The socks & feather clutch bag really lift this and I actually don't mind a little bit of nude in an outfit. I may be converted to being more open minded with my accessory choices. Also, please tell me it is acceptable to wear glitter socks all year around ? Surely something so mesmerising should not only be confined to the colder months , but also embraced during the Summer when the pins get much more of an airing! 

Seriously, the shape of this dress could not be more perfect, and it does not even bat an eyelid when it gets screwed up in a case and shipped along with me from city to city. It still slips on and keeps its cool without the aid of an iron - that's my kind of outfit. 

Hope you all have an amazing start to 2015 & it brings you lots of love, health and laughter. I really want to start some new projects and start branching out new year so I really hope you stick with me and we tackle them together. I am also going to give myself a kick up the arse to read more blogs so shout up and give me a wave so that I can find you & give some love back. 

Happy New-Friggin-Year All !


Culotte Jumpsuit

 photo IMG_3186_zps938cd8fc.jpg  photo IMG_3218_zpsa1a57d6c.jpg  photo IMG_3227_zps8fe4fafc.jpg photo IMG_3203_zps908e4a81.jpg photo IMG_3216_zps6446460a.jpg photo IMG_3207_zpsd7d4f1d4.jpg 
So damn excited to be going home for a few days , have a real excuse for eating excessively and watching repeats of 80's comedy's on the box.
If I was ever cool enough to rock up into Studio 54 this would have been my bad boy of choice - a white culotte jumpsuit thing isn't every ones cup of Tetleys, but my god, it is mine. Not that I have ever drank this particular leaf before, it is a dream. Too bad it was only a sample - but Sample sales are like that. Little treats that must be grabbed whilst you can.
Back in the day I would have worn this with some bad ass platforms & myself and Bianca Jagger would have bust out some incredible moves on the dancefloor before leaving in a mass of fur and cigarette smoke in the early hours. Did they have Takeaways open until 5am in those days ? If so, we would have headed straight for some cheesy chips.
But this is not the 70's & I have to live real life, so New Balance and leather it is on the rain soaked streets of Manchester. I could still go for some chips though.

Hope you are all having an amazing Christmas and are giving your Mam/Partner/Dog/ lots of love.


Ecote Lily Lace Maxi

 photo IMG_3068_zpsb4964bb4.jpg  photo IMG_3074_zps6df03c23.jpg  photo IMG_3059_zpsf3a6758c.jpg  photo IMG_3087_zps6d8c9cb3.jpg  photo IMG_3098_zpsf04f8182.jpg  photo IMG_3124_zps9813df09.jpg  photo IMG_3116_zpsd3a401eb.jpg  photo IMG_3082_zps6a2a0694.jpg

Working at a fashion company means that the garms you choose to wear on the night are equally as memorable post-party as which moves you choose to bust out on the dancefloor, or whether or not you were responsible for pretending to spank the M.D after one to many Tequila's ( the latter is not me, although the culprit will be remembered until next years party ... ).
I opted for black *shock*,  and dark lipstick *double shocker*.
I saw this UO dress hanging beautifully on a mannequin in the shop & knew I needed to drown myself in it. Not brave enough to go 'ass-out' like the stunning model on the website, I decided to go with short leggings and a caged bralet to hide my modesty and then layer on some silver, including my trusty Anna Lou of London Monogram disk necklace that I have learnt, goes with everything. Although this sheer dress would look equally as hot over a black maxi dress or leather trousers - it is surprisingly versatile due to its layering ability. Christmas Party aced ( without any drunken shame ). Thanks Urban Outfitters. 


Q&A with SaraLuxe

So here it is finally - me actually having a free moment to answer some wonderings that you guys have about me. As a fashion Stylist for Missguided with hair the colour of cloudy lemonade I figured most of them would be about hair & fashion and damn I was right.

I was also thinking of doing some fashion styling series on here - maybe some Ways to Wear videos, some hints and tips on Styling and some trend videos/posts - let me know , and maybe this could be a project for 2015 ! I am not much of a talker on camera, but I style all day every day so it seems natural to see if this can help or enterain anyone - a raise of hands in the comments box please !

Q - WillowTea & Shradha- What Inspires You/ Where do you find inspiration ?

A cliche'd answer, but from so many random places. The street, Pinterest, Instagram, other Blogs and a large chunk of it is from the past. From cool birds such as Debbie Harry, Alison Mosshart and Patti Smith to the men with serious threads - David Bowie, young John Lennon, and even Johnny Depp. Some men have a way of dressing that is so pleasing. I love the Skinheads, Dandies and Teds. Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Nowhere Boy is a definite goal of mine. My current love of peacoats, rolled up denim and Dr martens is fuelled by nothing else but this film and that decade. My current want is for a perfect Harrington Jacket. Other days I may feel inspired by my other favourite film - Almost Famous. I think decades and sub-cultures are the most crazy inspiring thing. They mesmerise me.

Q - Millie Simon -  What lipstick do you wear & where from ? Also where is your top from in this photo

In this photo I am wearing Diva from Mac. My other favourites include the MUA matte lipsticks in Lilac Belle & Wild Berry - for
£1 they are banging. If I fancy being a little red, I opt for Suedeberry from Limecrime, because that bugger does not budge, or any of the Kate Moss for Rimmel red shades. Then finally for Orange I slick on some Heartbeat - Topshop Lip Bullet.

Q - Emma Reay - Who is your biggest celebrity style inspiraton ?

Many are the same as the first question. It is mixture of so many different styles - I like to mix to keep it fresh. 
No one rocks sequins and undone tshirts like the young Debbie Harry. Current crushes I guess are Kate Lanphear, Alex Turner ( as he is now, not past - probably because he is dressed like an extra from Nowhere Boy ) , Kate Moss - because she has undone down, Ashley Glorioso, Erin Wasson, Freja Beha Erichsen - she makes a plain tee a whole new species and Caroline de Maigret - she hides her style secrets in her fringe. 

Q - Henna - What is your favourite & least favourite thing about blogging ?

Favourite - the people. Hands down. I have met some of the coolest, kindest people through blogging & some are my closest friends. Considering peoples pre-conception about those who work in fashion, I am very un-materialistic. I would take a day of adventures with a new mate over a 'free pair of shoes' anyday. 
Least Favourite - For me, it my unhability to feel like I can grow and commit to blogging. It moves so quickly, blogs evolve and new ones come on the scene. I don't have the time to put into this every day or even every week and because of this, I know this isn't as strong as it can be - which can make you feel shitty. My Styling work is my focus and my future, but that doesn't mean I like the fact that I haven't been able to grow my little space and nurture it how I would like to. This is why I am thinking of bringing more styling to SaraLuxe - see if I can merge the passions a little more and hopefully water this little baby of mine. 

Q - Niamh - What did you study at uni?

Fashion Buying for Retail. I thought I wanted to be a buyer... and then they made me do a module that included lots of numbers and formulea and I didn't get to create and buy cool things. 
It pretty much wasn't what I thought, but nothing is when you are 17 and have to make a life changing decision. Such as my cobalt blue Miss Sixty Jacket or the mullet I seemed to have cut just before my first day which ment I had to spend the entire 3 years with a student card that appeared to have a photo of a small boy on it. 

Q - Janneke -  What hair dye do you use & how do you maintain it ?

I go to a hairdresser who bleaches the roots and applies a toner that makes my hair as ashy white, verving on blue/lilac as possible. I like to only wash my hair once a week as it does not get greasy that often and the less I wash it, the less I seem to need to / I am lazy. 
I begin by washing it with a Non Sulphate Shampoo such as L'Oreal EveryPure, then I keep it in check with my trusty Lee Stafford Blue Shampoo ( I swear by this and have done for years ), then I finish it off with Aussie 3 Minute Reconstructor .
I don't own a hairdryer as I never heat dry my hair and then I only use the straighteners on my fringe if it decides to hate on me that day. Otherwise I wear it natural and wavy - adding some Moroccan Oil through the ends & then some Sea Salt Spray if it starts to look a little flat.

Did this help anyone ? 
If you still have a random question - just write it below - and next time I have a sit down and a brew, I will talk to you too.


Native Rose via Urban Outfitters

:: Trainers - Converse ::

Had my eye on this little bugger for some time before I finally got my mitts on it. Oversized , with slash neck detailing and dripping in black petrol sequins. It is almost too perfect. This is enough disco for me however, so pairing it with converse is the only way for me to wear it without feeling like I am in drag. 
Did anyone else get some mega bargains in the whole Black Friday/Cyber Money craziness ? I cleared out my local Urban Outfitters and then returned home to shop the rest online - that is several pressies sorted and a few cheeky bits for yours truly. The season is about giving and receiving. 
It is only mid-week and yet I am painfully exhausted - where is Christmas with its second and third helpings without judgement and the free pass to nap at random times throughout the day ? The run up to the festivities is insanely busy with photoshoots for me - it is somewhat mind slaying to be shooting Summer clothes when I am wearing leggings underneath my jeans to keep the chill off . But hey , ho we bash on.