Because it is all about carrying your junk around the back near the trunk. Plus this bag makes up for all of the uncool, drawn on , sports backpacks I had at school. If I had this then I would have ruled the playground. 
This time, however, it was used for when I was hot-footing it down to London for a model casting. You forget that sometimes functionality and perfect aesthetics do meet.


Pom Pom

Pom Pom Party on my legs.


Scuba Shapes

* This is a scheduled post as I am currently sunning myself on a beach.

There is something about striking silhouttes that I love at the moment. Maybe it is because you can pretty much re-write your body shapes with a full simple lines. Or maybe it is because in this top I feel like a giant marshmallow. Either one really.



*Scheduled post as I am sunning myself on a beach somewhere 

Finally, a pair of shorts that covers both belly-button & bum cheek - what a rare and divine sight. Say hello to my new staple. Because sometimes simplisity is all that is needed. 


Warehouse Jumpsuit

:: Check Shirt - Missguided ::

So this has been my uniform for weeks now. Finding something that is comfortable enough to wear on photoshoots all day, whilst not only staying cool & covered up ( no-one like a knicker-flasher ), but also cool in the other sense of the word. This is my saviour. And my first ever jumpsuit. The soft lightweight fabric makes it perfect for the warmer days, and yet it covers enough flesh to be a great layering item.
Paired with the sickest sliders ever ( am I 'hip' enough to say 'sick' ? Actaully I think using the word 'hip' just made me loose all cool points ). That look far more expensive than they every are from My1stWish. A company that not only gets how to speak to Bloggers, but likes to save them money too  - so you can get 10% off these bad boys  or any other of their goodness by entering the code LUXE10 at the checkout ! 
* valid until the end of July. 


Staring at Stars

Holiday shopping is just not for me - brightly coloured bralets and neon bodycon's , shimmery bikinis and embellished kimono's just fills me with pre-vacay dread. Luckily those diamonds at Urban Outfitters came to my rescue with some seriously chilled out pieces in black, muted prints, flowing fabrics and fishnet. Fishnet is for life - not just for Winter.

This skirt paves the gap between festival and holiday & will even function through to Autumn with a big turtle neck knit thrown over the top. I have already factored it into some of my planned holiday outfits (you know.. when you lay them all out & snap a picture of each outfit on your phone... no-one else do this ? No? Massive case space saver in that you don't over-pack) 

If you are not as lucky as me ( jetting off in 6 days now guys ) then luckily the Urban Outfitters x Festival Campaign has hit & you can win ticket, flights and accommodation to festivals all over the world. 


Life's a Beach Wildfox

 Because a week from now I will be on a beach & life will be bloody wonderful.


Feeling Handy

My jazz hands.
Because sometimes, your jazz hands can look jazzier.


LaSula Mesh

:: Boots - Dr Martens ::
:: Leather Gilet - Topshop ::
:: Belt - H&M ::

Fruit salad mane and un-ladylike lace. The hair was an experiment that I am paying for now - if anyone knows how to get green out of hair - please share.


Mesh and Check

An outfit from a few weeks ago, when my hair was longer, the weather was cooler and I still felt a need to layer countless items to feel ready to take on the day.