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In brief..
I'm a 28 year old girl woman from Cumbria, UK. 
Now living in Manchester, I am a professional Outfit Magician & Model Dresser.
In short - Now I work as a Stylist.

Asked Questions:

Is a qualification necessary to become a Stylist ?

Not essential, but it can help. I would say interning/work experience is the key. Nothing is ever worthless when it comes to work exp - the people you meet, the tasks you do - it all matters. 

How did you get into Styling ?

I have a background in lots of things. I attending my first buying fair aged 16 as part of interning. I got experience in Personal Shopping & Retail Management, whilst getting my degree in Fashion Buying in Manchester. I then went on to have jobs in Merchandising & Buying. Whilst working as a Buyer, my Manager used to comment that I was too creative for the role, and that some of my talent was wasted in that department. I often used to get involved in sketching/designs etc. 
I then applied for a job where I currently work, and (luckily) I wasn't offered it, instead the MD saw my creative potential and offered me a Creative role as Online VM/Stylist. I have since worked hard in many area's of the company; Styling, Casting Models, PR, Blogging , Copywriting, Editorial Content & as the company has grown I have been able to define my role more and more, releasing some of my tasks to new starters - until here I am! 
Luckily I was able to grow with the company & put all my experience across different area's into good use. All the work I have put in since I was 16 has all been useful - even the jobs that have nothing to do with styling - because somewhere along the line it all comes into play - you gain strengths in it all.
My advice for others trying to get somewhere in fashion, is don't think it will be quick or easy - it will take time, longer for some than others - but this does'nt define how good you are all of the time. Intern as much as you can, and don't be disheartened if all they have you doing is making tea and admin - be shit hot at it and always be eager to do it. Be confident and willing to learn, network, make friends and never give up.
What does your job involve ?

It involves booking models and Make Up Artists, styling all eccomm, tv and advertorial photoshoots, all creative shots you see on the site, working with others to organise shoots, trend reports, inspirational editorials/lookbooks.. it can change - but it's always developing. 

What is your favourite foundation?

At the moment it is Nars Sheer Glow. I have tried most brands and am just never happy - I am totally sucked into the adverts of stunning models with perfect skin, and when it doesn't make me look like them, I kind of spit my dummy out. However, Nars has managed to survive longer than the others and I like how it makes my skin look healthy.
How many times have you dyed your hair & what colours? 

Erm.... I have pretty much lost count. I have been light brown, dark brown, red, blonde/red/brown all at once ( yes that's right ), silver, white, purple, pink, ash, golden blonde and right now I am a ashy blonde with an addiction to blue shampoo so it always has bursts of lilac through it.

What is your star sign ?

Are you into the Cinema?

Sometimes, I need to be in the mood. I prefer slobbing in my pj's at home watching a film with home cooked finger food & good company.
What kind of movies are you into ?

A wide range really. My three all time favourites are Nowhere Boy, Almost Famous and Anchorman. I am pretty much a sucker for anything to do with the 60's/70's music scene and everything featuring Will Ferrell.
Do you have a favourite punk band ?

Sex Pistols probably. Or the Clash. Others include New York Dolls, Sonic Youth, Stiff Little Fingers and, not a band, but Patti Smith.
What's on your iPod right now ?

A mix of random stuff, old and new. Mostly old. I am a creature of habit. Constants on there are delights from Dashboard Confessional, Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Bell x1, Elton John, Florence & The Machine, Joseph Arther, The Dandy Warhol's, Sex Pistols, Gwen Stefani, Plain White T's & Joy Division.
Are you into Cooking ?

I am into eating. I tend to learn how to cook something and then make it until I am sick of it. My signature dish is Shepherds Pie. I would seduce you with my Shepherds Pie.