Culotte Jumpsuit

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So damn excited to be going home for a few days , have a real excuse for eating excessively and watching repeats of 80's comedy's on the box.
If I was ever cool enough to rock up into Studio 54 this would have been my bad boy of choice - a white culotte jumpsuit thing isn't every ones cup of Tetleys, but my god, it is mine. Not that I have ever drank this particular leaf before, it is a dream. Too bad it was only a sample - but Sample sales are like that. Little treats that must be grabbed whilst you can.
Back in the day I would have worn this with some bad ass platforms & myself and Bianca Jagger would have bust out some incredible moves on the dancefloor before leaving in a mass of fur and cigarette smoke in the early hours. Did they have Takeaways open until 5am in those days ? If so, we would have headed straight for some cheesy chips.
But this is not the 70's & I have to live real life, so New Balance and leather it is on the rain soaked streets of Manchester. I could still go for some chips though.

Hope you are all having an amazing Christmas and are giving your Mam/Partner/Dog/ lots of love.


  1. I'm so in love with this outfit, you look amazing!

  2. Wwwwwwow! I love this


  3. Such a cool jumpsuit, love it!

  4. You look so elegant and stylish ! Love the open back !

    Giveaway, win a So...? Fragrance gift set !

  5. The back of that jumpsuit is simple stunning. I love how you've kept the look monochrome.

    Damn it, now I'm craving cheesy chips! Hope you had a magical Christmas.


  6. I'm not sure about the front but I love the back, you're right would look great with platforms and fur!

  7. That jumpsuit looks great. I could never wear that much white though, I feel like I'm getting it dirty just by looking at it.
    Rubi | The Den

  8. Hey looking nice... Jumpsuit is awesome. Love your imitation jewellery.

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