harvey nichols aw 2012

Disclaimer: A selection of my fav looks - Jade wasnt the only mode there - just the best dressed !

:: Long Jacket - Sample Sale ::
:: Cropped Grey Turtleneck - Missguided ::
:: High Low Skirt - ASOS ::

:: Jeans - H&M ::
:: Denim Shirt - Levi @ Urban Outfitters ::
:: Varsity Jacket - ASOS ::
Last night, me & Andy were invited to the seasonal Harvey Nichols fashion show - and with this being Andy's first ever runway experience it felt really cool to be able to take him with me. Unfortunatly I have been on photoshoots all week, and with the change of tempertaures and Winter becoming more apparent - my health has taken a beating & last night I was feel pretty awful - not what you need when you enter a room of some of the wealthiest and well presented ladies of the North and then sit infront of some beautiful models ( some I have had the pleasure of working with ...) . However I bashed on, got ready, attempted to eye-drop the red out of my eyes ( and failed ), piled on layers of black & headed onto the rainy cobbles of Manchester feeling like a helicopter was landing on my head.
We were greeted by champagne which due to my health I decline with a sad face before cheering myself up by picking up the creme de la creme of bag designs including Givenchy, McQueen & Sam Edelman & trying to get Andy to 'guess the price'. Emma then showed us to our seats so that I could relax and 'people watch' Manchester's finest trying to get to their seats - some even having to do a few steps along the catwalk along the way.
The show was fab as usual, cool eclectic music, beautifully detailed pieces and hot models. The stylist in me winced at some unkempt bra straps on some sheer backed pieces ( especially when you can see the bra's cotton washcare label poking out ), and I would have liked the show to be longer as the collections were so short - it was really a teeny tiny taster of what was to offer - where as I would have liked to see a full blown show - but it was cool and it was really interesting to hear what Andy thought of his first catwalk show ( "Better than I thought it would be" was his final analysis - good work everyone at HN ).
As the show finished we did a quick lap before hitting the wet streets of Manchester again, longing for my bed and a good chippie supper - sometimes even the most decedent of nights and lavish fashion cannot detract from the good Northern lass I am .


  1. Amazinggg photos! You look hott!!! Xx

  2. oh myyyy, you look amazing! x

  3. I adore the high/low skirt. Your hair colour is gorgeous.


  4. Looks amazing :) Great pictures

  5. Hello, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this article. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  6. I love this, such a shame you felt naff, but sounds like a lovely eve and and even better tea and zzz's after.

    Get well soon xxxxxx

  7. I love you outfit.
    The black leather dress with white collar looks amazing, and the final runway outfit looks so stunning and glam.
    I hope you're feeling better!

    Rubi x

  8. Rather interesting handbag in one of those shots - thanks for sharing. :)

    PS: great hair colour!

    Minerva Collection UK Handbags&Jewellery

  9. You look amazing!
    Sounds fun. Fashion shows are pretty much always too short, nothing unusual there! haha :P

    The Lovelorn

  10. You look lovely and it sounds like a great evening, Jade looks AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  11. I love your jacket... gorgeous!
    Jade looks amazing too doesn't she?!
    Tor @ That's Peachy Fashion & Beauty Blog xx

  12. You look so amazing that pose of capturing with a guy. I seriously admire all the photos.