caught a scarf

:: Fishnet Top - H&M ::
:: Scarf Print Shorts - c/o Glamorous ::
:: Boat Shoes - Office ::
:: Rings - H&M and Astrid & Miyu ::

Often when I meet people, I am mistaken for a University student - not that this is at all offensive, but it does often make me question my wardrobe. When  I was a 12 or 13 I always imagined how I would look and dress at 25 - a really tailored Vivienne Westwood suit was top of my wishlist, aswell as tall platform black boots that my Mam wouldn't let me have and pencil skirts. My reality couldn't be more different - and the majority of the time I am pretty comfortable with that...
Until I take outfit photos of myself like this, and see a 18 year old girl where I should be seeing a hard-working ambitious young women in a tough industry - all sharp collars, intricate detailing and editorial worthy layering. Can you be mutton dressed as lamb in a boat shoe and scarf print ? Who the hell knows.
Currently updating my iPhone with an array of new artists after even more announcements from Leeds Festival Radio 1 and NME Stages. How was I so naive as to think that the first official line up was the only one? The Hives and Joy Formidable being the two newbies that I was most interested in, and when did Foster the People creep in there - I cant keep up. However you can see the full new line up here!
Still welcoming your suggestions for festival packing, and please please let me know if you are going as it would be cool to meet up at our generous tent for a token sausage butty or cereal bar. I have been asked by a few of you to do a Festival Packing video and I will as soon as I have done some shopping, I know what I want and it is just finding those right bits; hip riding denim shorts and band tee's just wont cut it .


  1. WOW those shorts are gorgeous!!!
    I wouldn't worry - you look beautiful!

  2. Wow I am in love with those shorts!

  3. You look amazing - the shorts and boat shoes are gorgeous! You have an amazing sense of style and I wouldn't worry about a thing :)
    The Leeds Fest line up definitely looks more promising than it first did. I'm going for one day but I don't know which one it's going to be yet (hopefully Friday or Saturday though!)

  4. Really love this outfit on you - definitley one of my faves! I wouldn't worry about what you're expected to look like, nowadays society is more forgiven with wearing watever you like ~ox

  5. Great look, def mixing the nautical and sporty trends for this spring.


  6. love your outfit, especially your turquoise and silver ring xxx

  7. Ahhh love these shoes!
    Sooo jealous you're going to Leeds fest, wish I was going again this year! Line up is cracking.

    Jade x


  8. This outfit is so lovely! Love your rings so much! Really jealous of you going to Leeds, I want to go to Reading sooo bad! xx

  9. I adore this outfit! I'm completely in love with your shorts and your shoes!


  10. When I first started reading your blog I did think you were about 20/21. When I was younger I used to wonder what age I'm supposed to start dressing like an adult, now I just wear what I feel like.
    I love your rings.
    Good luck with your run.

    Rubi x

  11. In love with your shoes!


  12. Really fun outfitz, and your face is flawless :O


  13. Pretty shorts!

    Hannah x

  14. I'm also going to leeds and its my first time at a festival only because its the first lineup i've almost cried over (because i was so happy)... a lot of my friends have advised to take a tent that was cheap so you can leave it behind if needs be... they also said a lot of people go on a rampage on the sunday night and set fire to tents!? I'm scared now! xx

  15. Love the outfit :) I am 25 in July and still get ID'd most places and get that shocked 'really/seriously?' reaction when I tell people my age, it's like 'that's cool, coz when I'm old and everyone has aged badly, I will still look youthful, right?' haha :) Who wants to grow up and get all serious anyway...
    Your hair is gorgeous, hair envy!

  16. I get IDed everywhere - I feel your pain haha. Love the scarf print.

    Fashion Blog - Lela London

  17. You look incrdible!Love your shorts and jewellery!<3