paradise city

Being a Stylist, I feel that 'Style Challenges' set by brands shouldn't phase me. They do. It's not that I cant style them up on other people to look good. Give me any item at work in the studio and I will create a look that I am proud of. Ask me to incorporate it into my wardrobe, and if it's not a item that I find easy to wear - it can fill me with dread.
I've been asked to do a few 'Spring Style Challenges' -cue floral dresses, baroque leggings and pastel pleats - but I have turned them down - because I feel like Mrs Doubtfire when I try to push said items into my daily style.
However, Matalan asked me to style up some coloured jeans - after selecting the least pastel of the selection - I settled on these cobalt blue ones. The material was stretchy enough that I could wear them for styling at work and they complimented an oversized tent-like top perfectly. I rolled them up to the top of my Dr.Martens ( taking inspiration from the 80's ) and I had the perfect laid back , easy to wear, undone look for a day on a photoshoot. It may not be Vogue, but it's me.

This weekend I am going to be wandering around Manchester's Northern Quarter - which I always seem to descend upon when there is an ounce of sunshine. Shopping for Summer must be done - Leeds Festival mainly, plus a Summer holiday. So if you know of any small boutique shops stocking cool items in the NQ let me know - or alternatively if you have any advice as to what I should buy for Leeds ( I don't even own a tent ), please help me below !


  1. Thi sis really cute :)


  2. Love your fringed top so so much! You look lovely xx

  3. I love skinny jeans rolled up. Makes them look a little different from the norm!

  4. Dry shampoo, waterproof mascara and eyeliner ( no need for any other make up full made up girls look out of place abd just end up like alice cooper), tent, sleeping bag, baby wipes, snack food and water, alcohol, hat/headscarf, and whelliess/old pair if dm type boots. Shorts and tights are the perfect sort of out fit because they dry quickly/ don't feel to hot and look good with boots without looking to overdone. Festivals are all about relaxed style.

    1. And a good deodorant.

  5. ahhh love that top, cant believe its from H&M ... i neeed :) x x

  6. Love this outfit, you look so lovely! Your elephant necklace is the cutest! xx

  7. really like your rings and elephant necklace sweetpea

  8. Love the jeans and boots combo. This is elegant punk!