on set

Work has taken over this week & so blog posting suffers. 
Tuesday I was styling the TV advert, yesterday was a web shoot & today was a shoot for the MEN Newspaper in Manchester.
Since my alarm going off at 5am Tuesday, its been a case of being in the studio with one shoot whilst simultaneously planning the next days. Weeks like this are what helps you progress , both in skill and mind. Some people think styling is easy-peasy - I mean who cant put a dress with a pair of shoes right ? 
However, sewing girls into dresses on set, worrying about models flying in from different countries when you cannot get in contact with them and you have 30 minutes until hair and make up, forward planning everything to the last detail, thinking about hair and make up, selling points, poses, angles, colour combo's, how items will look under different lighting on different skin tones, asking yourself questions like - will people get it ? who will it appeal to ? have I gone too far ? Not enough ? Can the model walk in those ? having an emergency kit of tapes, threads, pins, clips, cotton wool, socks, spare bra's and thongs with you, checking and rechecking you have have packed every outfit, fittings, alterations, can the model move in that, model dropouts, make up on the clothes, reshoots and time keeping are all issues resting on my shoulders on a shoot day. 
I have learned so much since I took this job & with new challenges comes new skills, I learn about different aspects, I seen new issues that I can prevent in the future.
So this is just a quick update to let you know I am here, just working hard. The phone pic above is of me on set giving interviews on the styling and clothes. Nothing makes you feel better on a shoot day when you are all bedraggled, sweating and under layers of clothes due to being in a a freezing studio, than someone standing you next to a made up, glossy and perfected ( by me and the Make-Up artists of corse ) model and asking you to talk on camera.


  1. This photo is beautiful!
    Wow sounds like you're one busy bee at the moment. Don't forget to relax and treat yourself with something nice every once in a while ;)

  2. it's kinda wrong how people can judge without walking in a persons shoes. i have to say that this sounds like serious hard work, but so freakin worth it.!! serious dream job..i imagine it's amazing once you see the finished product. enjoy busy bee.

  3. Wow this sounds amazing, even though its a lot of hard hard work! Its what I want to do as a career but I am still trying to get work experience to put on my CV so people take notice of me!xx

  4. Great post. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work soon.

  5. Your job sounds like so much fun!!! :) Id love to do something like that in the future!!
    Lots of LOVE AmenFashion17

  6. This all sounds amazing! I've said it once and I'll say it again, you will my dream life! Lucky lady. Hope you're having an amazing time xx

  7. Thanks for sharing this insight into your job as a stylist. It's my dream job which I'm working my way up to so I found this really interesting. xx

  8. Danie.elle15/3/12 18:14

    I have been looking into a styling career as its my last few weeks before I graduate! Found your blogs really interesting as you share the downsides of the job, but these are definately outweighed by the good! :) Fingers crossed one day I can be in your position! x