walk a week in my shoes

I try not to let my personal life come into this blog too much unless it's in relation to my work or career, but sometimes it's nice to bring some humanity & show you my life. I went to the Manchester blogger meet for a few hours & met some really amazing girls, have spent far too much time in my head lately & actually got pretty prepared for the festive season which will see me travelling the 3 hours home to finally see my family and friends after nearly 9 months apart.

I have started to get a few emails re my job, university advice, style and make up things etc - so feel free to Formspring me as my inbox is somewhat of a black hole at the moment!

Why not walk a week in my shoes....


  1. I do like peoples personal photo posts (nosy), it's nice to see a bit more of bloggers sometimes, and these are all adorable and lovely photos. Can't believe you've spent 9 months away fro family and friends, you must be so so excited to see them all


  2. What a lovely peek into your life, you juggle a hell of a lot in one week! The pancakes look ahhhhhmazing!

  3. Great post, Absolutely loving the color and the style. Your blog is just fab. Would love to collaborate sometime!