i've had my share of sand kicked in my face - but I've come through

For the past few months I have mostly spoke about being tired, lethargic and working really hard . It was all down to something really exciting happening at Missguided.co.uk

Today we finally released one single image from the brand new campaign for Autumn/Winter. For me it was months of planning, 5 days casting models, 2 weeks sorting out hair and make up styles, a weekend of prop shopping, 1 long day of styling , 2 days drafting each outfit to each location, model and pose, flying one girl in from Paris, 3 hotels, a massive crew, 2 bleak and early mornings and 3 nights falling into bed exhausted later, and it's now finished. 
Was it worth it ? I wouldn't have it any other way .

For now here's a little peak. Get it in MORE magazine out today .


  1. Fab styling, the outcome looks to be worth all the effort you put in. I love the whole concept too and the typography is so pretty xx

  2. Wow! Congrats Sara, the campaign looks great! xXx


  3. This is FABULOUS, all the hard work is definitely paying off. I need those shoes and that top in my life, I can't wait!!

  4. Ah I saw this in More mag today! All your hard work definitely paid off, looks fabulous. Your job sounds amazing xx

  5. I love it! The styling is perfect and I love the model's pose! Great work!

  6. Have to say, this is pretty awesome my love! really impressed at what you've done for Missguided x

  7. It looks amazing! I cannot wait to see the new image of Missguided! You've done an amazing job! x

  8. Looks fantastic! Your hard work paid off.


  9. well done, hope you get to rest now. must feel so good to have it done!


  10. I got your email! It was definitely worth all your effort, I adore this photo. I'm definitely interested (: xxx ps, hopefully see you in Birmingham at the end of the month?

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