she's got electric boots, a mohair suit

:: Pagan Tee- Urban Outfitters,  Tartan Skirt & Leather Jacket - Vintage, Rubber Boots - Office, Feather Waistcoat - Ebay ::

Saturday saw me board a train with an X Factor reject ( blonde girl from Belle Amie if anyone is interested ) and head down to London sans make-up and with some Elton John hits on my i-pod. Glamour all round.

I got there with 30 mins to spare & so ran around Forever 21 with the speed of lightening in order to pop my proverbial 'F21' cherry - panic buys ensured & then i finally met the long-suffering Amelia who practically baby-sat me for the day due to my perchant for losing/misplaced/breaking things.
I was surprised that we were on the front row - two seats down from Kelis who looked seriously tasty in Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Marant & her Opening Ceremony shoes. Ironically I first spotted her due to her fit tartan trousers ( Kelis & I, on the same style page since 2011 ) and pointed her out to Amelia, who informed me of the lady in the pants. What can i say - Fashion before faces?
I won't go on about the show - head over to read what the 5 LOOK blogger finalists say - instead i'll say that I spotted some great styling of Miss Selfridge & New Look, an amazing metallic dress from Warehouse & pretty much loved all of the Urban Outfitters shoes & trousers but as a whole it didn't interest me as much as the SS11 collections in terms of style. I also always imagine the look grunged down - the Warehouse dress with Dr Martins etc, and i wanted to see more leather, less flesh, more parka's boots etc .
I was excited to see Verity, a model i often style & am shooting with this week in the show looking rather edible in leather trousers and a mini skirt/bowler hat combo. That girl is definitely one to watch. Plus Lara did an amazing job consider how much she had on her plate , that girl is a Wonder(ous) Woman. And as for me, I opted for a McQueen style tartan skirt with Urban Outfitters Pagan top, DIY studded leather jacket with feather waistcoat and S&M-lovin' rubber Office boots. 
N.B Sorry if i made  tit of myself, my head was in such a spin that i actually shook the hand & introduced myself to people I already know ! Smooth, real smooth. 

Also guys, last night Gem informed me that I have been shortlisted for the award of 'Best Established Blog' at the COSMOPOLITAN magazine awards. It would be amazing if you could support me & vote for my blog in the 'Established Blog' section which is the 2nd section here
& Thankyou for getting me nominated, i cant put in to words how much that means to me - so Thankyou.


  1. I love the rock/grunge look you are sporting. Nice one!

    And congratulations on the nomination.


  2. you lady, are such a babe! some great oufits and you rock them always! you are doing so well it makes me super happy!!


  3. Brilliant photos and wonderful outfit!
    Congratulations on your nomination, I had already spotted you there and you've got my vote.

  4. Glad you had a nice time at the Look Show - I absolutely LOVE your hair!
    Congratulations on the Cosmo thing - I've voted :) x

  5. Got my vote Sara, Congrats

    www.petitesideofstyle.blogspot.com ♥

  6. Was lovely to meet you (: sorry again about my social faux pas! xx

  7. I was in a massive daze too, i don't think i'll go to westfield ever again or at least not any time soon. I'll stick to Metro Centre! Congrats on the blog awards, got my fingers crossed for you, Sara! xxx

  8. You look stunning, so sad I didn't get to meet you!! Next time...

    P.S You have my vote! X

  9. You always look amazing!

  10. Awww! Had so much fun with you! Hopefully we'll get to do it again soon! You definitely have my vote doll! XX

  11. I love the outfit! Sounded like a fun day! x
    Sirens and Bells

  12. you looked gorgeous! and congrats on the cosmo award nom!

  13. Have just voted for your blog woo! I was at that Harvey Nicks fashion show too! Wasnt it really good, I well enjoyed it

    Rianna xxx

  14. Awww love benny and the jets, good post title! Sounds like a pretty good day, love kelis' tartan trousers, jeezeee I feel like they're an essential part of a wardrobe?!



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